Book Review of American Swastika: Inside the White Power Movement's Hidden Spaces of Hate (Violence Prevention and Policy)

American Swastika: Inside the White Power Movement's Hidden Spaces of Hate (Violence Prevention and Policy)
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I'll be anxiously awaiting the next books on the Black Lives Matter or the Black Power aka Black Panthers movement. The Muslim Brotherhood extreme organization banned in most Muslim countries as a terrorist organization, able to operate freely here in the US, calming religious supremacy while whining that we are discriminating them while they are in the process to eliminate all other religions and our constitutional rights which they consider un-binding, as they are man-written and not God send like Sharia. And let us not forget the Hispanic Reconquista movement that claims the Unites States stole the southwest from Mexico. These groups have their own "spaces of hate" so let's see some reporting on them as well. In fact, these movements are a bigger threat to all Americans, white and those of other races (Asians, Indians, Native Americans...) and other denominations such as the Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroastrians... and other people no-one really takes notice of, than the "white power" movements are for people of color. Case in point - when was the last KKK lynching? Ah yes.. the 60's... But almost DAILY we see Black on white hate crimes that get BURIED by the mainstream extreme-left-propaganda press.
Bias, Bias, Bias...

I will likely get my head blown off by writing a negative comment about the book honestly while stating reasons why I feel this way. But Please spear me the comments of calling me racist, xenophobe, chauvinist, self-hater, naczi, megalomaniac. I have heard them all before and I sure you, the only thing you declare by launching virtual verbal assault is declaring your own extreme-left agenda that anyone with the courage to speak their mind, in a rational way, heard a 1000x and then some. Such comments are a form of hate speech against which I take a stand, such as my desiccation to review this book despite of the likely negative outfall.