Book Review of Beginnings (Sommerfield, Bk 2)

Beginnings (Sommerfield, Bk 2)
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I also was disappointed in this book. I enjoyed the first book in the series, but this just did not make me want to hurry up and find out what was next. A girl distrustful of men suddenly has 2 men who want to woo her and due to her fears and insecurities she is rude to both.
I found it hard to believe that the girl who moved to Sommerfeld against her will and a non-believer, now wants to dedicate her talents to God and continue to live in a Mennonite community where she does not feel welcome or accepted. Also how she found her stained glass talent skill is never explained. It is hard to accept that she is self taught and could take on the large projects that she has signed commissions to produce.
I was however glad to see her renewed commitment to family and to see the benefits that she reaped as well as the feeling of belonging that she finally obtains.