Book Review of Circumstances Unknown

Circumstances Unknown
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"One of those thrillers that literally sends chills up and down the spine "-- Ontario Sentinel

No woman could have been happier. Photographer Deena Reuschel glowed in the warm circle of family love completed by her husband, Tim and their small son, Jon . But unbeknowst to her , they are being stalked, targets of a jealous and obsessive killer whose victims disappear .

When Tim - young and healthy , and no stranger to the outdoors is drowned in a raging river near his boyhood summer home in upstate New York. Deena refuses to accept it as an "accidental"death. Suspicious and determined to press on in the face of police indifference, she uncovers two similiar drownings in the same community. Two of Tim's childhood friends rally aroubnd her : Martin Trayne, an eccentric loner whose fiancee had died years before in a nearby lake; and Paul Kincaid, a sensitive friend whose mother drowned close to the same lake. But Deena's solace is cut short when she finds a disturbing clue in her own photographs. Unawars that her kindness and natural sensuality are heating the lurid fantasies of a killer . Deena is stumbling into a lethal, horrifying trap.