Book Review of Into the Wild (Warriors; Book 1)

Into the Wild (Warriors; Book 1)
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Call me crazy, but I just couldn't get into this book due to its theme. The author tries to glamorize feral cats, which I find disturbing due to the knowledge of the damage they can do to local wildlife, the health risks they pose to themselves and other cats and the irresponsibility of the former pet owners who put them there. The author even manages to speak against spaying/neutering through the cats in the story. Don't get me wrong, cats are my favorite animal, but I wouldn't want to see some child read this book and then get the idea that Puss would be happier living free than in a home where it's cared for and has a longer life expectancy. Since I'm a strong supporter of responsible pet ownership, this book just bothered me. I'm sure kids would find it entertaining, but the idea of feral cats having the 'good life' just doesn't work for me because I've seen too many of them meet horrible, heartbreaking ends.