Book Review of A Maiden's Grave

A Maiden's Grave
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A school bus with eight deaf girls and their two female teachers stop along a deserted Kansas road after coming upon a bad car accident, hoping to help the victims. Their terror mounts as they find that after the accident, the victims were killed. Before they realize whats happening, their bus is overtaken by three escaped inmates and they become hostages, forced to drive to an abandoned slaughterhouse along the Arkansas River. What follows is the hostage negotiation between the FBIs Senior Hostage Negotiator, Arthur Potter, and Lou Handy, the cold and ruthless convict leader. Suffice it to say that at times, the negotiations dont go well or as planned.

The reader gets to know Potter and his team, as well as Handy and his fellow inmates. Toss in the excellent descriptions and personalities developed in the deaf girls and their teachers, along with the other various parties involved in such a case (the hostage rescue team, local police, etc.) and youre in for an explosive ride.

Jeffery Deaver and his brilliant twists and turns keep the reader wanting more. A surprising ending doesnt disappoint! I loved this book!