Book Review of American Rhapsody

American Rhapsody
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"Not for Republicans"? Not for Democrats either, I would have said - to anyone who's looking to read a justification of his or her party's leaders or actions.

Reads like fiction - which most of it ,ust be, since I don't see how, short of science fiction, the author could be inside the mind of someone else's penis (if such a thing has its own mind).

Be warned - colorful language barely begins to describe some of the writing here. I found parts very hard to listen to, and I didn't really believe much of it -- but there's no denying it's a rivetting read/listen. You do have to bear in mind that this is one rather jaded and problematic author's deconstructionist take on Clinton, Bush, et al. Therefore I learned more about sustaining a reader's interest than I did about politics or history.

Interesting in its own right but certainly not for everyone.