Book Review of The Go-To Girl

The Go-To Girl
The Go-To Girl
Author: Louise Bagshawe
Genres: Literature & Fiction, Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 2

Good read with a likeable heroine. I enjoyed reading her slow transformation and seeing her gain confidence. Anna is a script reader for a production company and low on the totem pole, she often finds herself scurrying around for her boss and sneered at by her fellow coworkers. She rooms with two models both terrified of getting older or gaining weight and losing their jobs. A common theme seems to be other characters putting Anna down to make themselves look and feel better. When power struggles begin at work, Anna finally decides to take things into her own hands to ensure her job. Rather than wait around to be noticed for her hard work she starts to take chances, finding a great screenplay and trying to get powerful director Mark Swan to sign onto the project. Meanwhile her private life seems to be looking up, as she catches the attention of a wealthy and titled man and also gets fashion advice from one of her model roomies. And Mark Swan seems to like her (I enjoyed reading their repartee)