Book Review of Ignition

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Col. Adam "Iceberg" Friese was scheduled to pilot the next space shuttle, Atlantis, to dock with the Russian space station, Mir, until a freak accident just before the launch sidelined him. While his former girlfriend, Nicole, supervised the launch, Iceberg sneaked in a back gate and found his own front-row seat for the event. Meanwhile, Mr. Philips, a homicidal megalomaniac, and his fellow terrorists attack the launch site, holding hostage the astronauts, Nicole's launch team, and Atlantis until his demand for a fortune in precious gems is met. When Iceberg realizes that something is wrong, he goes to investigate, following the dead bodies back to the terrorists and, one by one, eliminating Mr. Philips's savage murderers while Nicole keeps the ringleader busy. Anderson and Beason have written a nail biter full of details about NASA and the Kennedy Space Center. This writing team, which admits to changing some details to preserve NASA security, has written several other high-tech action thrillers.