Book Review of Happily Never After (Signature Spotlight)

Happily Never After (Signature Spotlight)
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The Mellon family of Cathedral Cove is one messed up bunch. Growing up in a house like Coeur Vole couldn't have been easy; neither, in fact, could having a father like Adler Mellon, who gained his pleasure by causing pain to his wife and children. Surviving matriarch Imogene is dying, and before she does, she wants her three children-Sophie, Sebastian, and Samantha-to find the happiness they so much deserve.

It's not an easy chore. Sophie, who has been in and out of mental institutions for the past decade, seems almost beyond hope. Left alone at the altar on her wedding day, she's never gotten over the fact that her intended husband, Tom Beckham, never showed up for their wedding. She's still sending him perfume-soaked letters on their "anniversary," and she's becoming more and more unbalanced.

As for Sebastian, marriage and children haven't stopped the demons that plague him. As his needs to follow in his father's footsteps and cause pain and suffering to those he loves increases daily, Sebastian is determined to somehow save his daughter and son from the same type of childhood that he had.

For Samantha, taking care of her terminally ill mother to the point where she has no friends or interests outside Coeur Vole is taking its toll. Sam has always lived in the shadows of her sister's wedding that wasn't, and of the accident that scarred her brother physically.

Tom has returned to Cathedral Cove, though, and all hell breaks loose. He's come at the urging of Kelly Ralston, the maid of honor of that long-ago almost-wedding-the same woman he developed feelings for shortly before the nuptials. Another wedding party member, Lillith, has died in a car accident, and Tom has returned to comfort her grieving husband, Jacob. Tom and Jacob were once good friends, but ever since Tom escaped the small town life for his high-powered attorney's job in Atlanta , they've drifted apart.

Now that Tom is back in Cathedral Cove, Kelly wonders if calling him home was a good idea. She fell in love with him ten years ago, when he was engaged to her best friend. Although they never acted on their attraction, Kelly has always felt slightly guilty-was the kiss they shared, and Kelly's announcement of love, the reason Tom ditched Sophie at the altar?

Strange things are happening around Cathedral Cove now that Tom is back. Since Lillith's accident, Kelly and Tom find out that other members of the wedding party have died in mysterious "accidents." Sophie isn't in the institution where she should be, Sebastian seems to be a washed-up imitation of the man he used to be, and Samantha is wilting under the stress of her mother's illness.

As Tom and Kelly become closer, realizing that the attraction they felt all those years ago is still going strong, someone seems intent on getting rid of the members of Sophie's bridal party one by one. As they try to get the authorities involved, they can't help feeling that time is running out-because if they're right, Kelly is going to be the next victim.

HAPPILY NEVER AFTER is a wonderful romantic suspense story. Family secrets form the basis for the storyline, and with the revelation of each one, you'll be drawn farther into the story. The ending is a definite surprise, and the plot twists and turns through each page. This book is a definite winner, one that fans of the genre won't want to miss.