Book Review of The Spellmans Strike Again (Spellmans, Bk 4)

The Spellmans Strike Again (Spellmans, Bk 4)

Izzy and family are back with more outrageous dysfunction!

The family is up to their old tricks--snooping around, surveilling each other and digging up all the family dirt. In this hilarious installment of the Spellman series, we find that things are a bit topsy turvy. Isabel is taking over the business, meaning that her usual tactics won't exactly fly. She finds herself involved in intrigue surrounding Rae's mysterious boyfriend, David & Maggie's relationship, missing household items at the Spellman residence and the re-appearance of Henry, who wants to be her friend. She is still 'dating' Connor, but is being forced by her mother to go on a series of blind dates with various lawyers (which is a wonderful outlet for her usual antics). In the end, it's business as usual for the Spellmans. The major issues are resolved, but they are still the same, just waiting for a reason to attach a GPS to another family member's car.

I hope this is not the end of the Spellmans. Lisa Lutz has created an incredible family. While it is clear that their motivation always centers on what is best for the others, the manipulation, blackmail & total lack of communication make the Spellmans so realistic and funny. While we do see some growth involving all the characters, Izzy really evolves and matures (for Izzy) during this installment. While some plotlines were wrapped up, some were left open--I hope that Lutz revisits these soon for another Spellman File.