Book Review of Zapped (Regan Reilly, Bk 11)

Zapped (Regan Reilly, Bk 11)
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Carol Higgins Clark has written another fun book in her Regan Reilly series, one which was hard to put down but very quick to finish. As usual there are no really serious crimes in this book and no really heinous criminals. All is basically well that ends well, and it does. I found myself feeling quite sorry for Georgina, who had a really bad life. I hope she got the therapy she desperately needed. And I wondered why Lillian didn't even think about picking up the phone, calling Regan, and asking about the letters instead of trying to do things the hard way.

I have no real complaints about this book, but I missed Regan's parents. I hope to see more of them in the next book.

For a fun read on an airplane, on a long car ride or on a night when there is nothing good on TV, get this book. You will enjoy it.