Book Review of The Wire in the Blood (Tony Hill / Carol Jordan, Bk 2)

The Wire in the Blood (Tony Hill / Carol Jordan, Bk 2)
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As I've noted in other reviews, I think Val McDermid is a talented writer, her books surpassing much that is currently being produced in the crime/horror/procedural genre. The Wire in the Blood is also well written, with a compelling plot, credible characterization, and a smarmy, creepy narcissist for a villain. I enjoyed the book and read it quickly to reach the dramatic conclusion. There are descriptions of sadistic violence, but for the fairly squeamish reader that I am, they were bearable. The one problem I see, and this is just my opinion, is that the protagonist, Tony Hill, is just a bit too cool and too clever, in some ways just as plasticky smooth as the killer. Not a hero who's easy to warm up to, despite his post-traumatic sexual problems. Fortunately, Carol Jordan's persona is competent but still fallible, easier for the reader to relate with.
Wire in the Blood is a good, gripping psychological thriller and while Tony Hill could be more likeable, this doesn't detract from the value of the story.