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Theodora Twist
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I admit it--I'm a sucker for light, fun, fast reads that deal with situations I would never in a million years find myself in. Such is the case of THEODORA TWIST, a book that deals with a sixteen-year old Hollywood starlet, a beautiful teen who has experienced more in her young life than I'll ever experience in mine.

The problem starts when Theodora Twist, young star and Hollywood's darling, gets caught one too many times in a scandalous situation. Since she's dating both of the twin Bellini brothers (and by dating, I also mean sleeping with), her many endorsers aren't so sure of her wholesome appeal to the tweens and teens that they're looking to rope into the theaters. Her agent-slash-talent manager, Ashley Bean, has schooled her in the art of being cheerfully untruthful, but Theodora once again lets her stubbornness get in the way of good acting--not only does she kiss both Bo and Brandon Bellini for the benefit of a reporter, but she's later caught cavorting with them in the ocean half-naked.

Ashley's job is damage control, and she comes up with what she believes is the perfect resolution to Theodora's wild child image. She'll be the star of her own reality show, Theodora Twist: Just a Regular Teen! The goal of the show is simple--prove to the world's population that Theodora isn't the spoiled, pampered, sexually-active teen that she really is, but the down-to-earth, normal teenager that you don't get to see on television and the big screen. Although Theodora was born Dora Twistler, she has no intention of ever being that person again. And spending a month living in her childhood home with Emily Fine and her family, going to high school, hanging out at the mall, and going to prom is not her idea of fun.

For Emily, she's not sure what to think about having the elusive and mysterious Theodora Twist in her house, sharing her bedroom, having her every move and conversation taped for possible broadcast on television. Sure, she's now popular and in-demand, but that's only destined to last as long as Theodora is in town. When she leaves, Emily knows she'll go back to the boring, nobody girl she's always been.

But Emily and Theodora both have a lot to learn, about friendship, self-esteem, and family. As Theodora learns that the death of her father is still haunting her, and Emily realizes that being famous might not be all it's cracked up to be, a friendship is born that has nothing to do with fame and fortune.

THEODORA TWIST is a quick, fun read that will appeal to readers on many levels. The sexuality of Theodora may bother some, but it's never shown as a preferable lifestyle, but rather the results of a life lived in Hollywood's spotlight. I truly enjoyed this quick read, and guarantee that others will, as well.