Book Review of 23 Minutes in Hell

23 Minutes in Hell
23 Minutes in Hell
Author: Bill Weise
Genre: Christian Books & Bibles
Book Type: Paperback
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I had a difficult time putting this book down until I finished it. This book is very thought-provoking and a must read. Some reviews state that there is no proof of Weise experiencing an actual journey to Hell. My question is, how could there be proof of Weise's journey but there is no proof of the "out of body experiences" people have in other situations like being on the operating table and something going very wrong; aren't we, as readers or listeners, going on a person's word about traveling to Heaven. Christianity is a faith, and reading the Holy Bible proves there is a Heaven as well as a true and literal Hell. Why not take a chance and have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; you have nothing at all to lose and everything in the world (and Heaven) to gain.

I loved the book 23 Minutes in Hell as it got my attention and has made me want to strengthen my relationship with the Lord even more. As Weise stated, I have faith, too, that this book will be the closest to Hell I ever get.