Book Review of Pied Piper (Charmed)

Pied Piper (Charmed)
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I have not read this but from the back cover:

At first Piper thinks it's just a coincidence that she's seeing kids everywhere: since she and Leo have been talking about starting a family, she thinks she's just noticing them more. But then the kids start showing up on the Charmed Ones' front proch and coming into the house univited. No matter where Piper dispatches them, they're right back at Halliwell Manor minutes later. And they seem to be forming an orchestra. No one will listen to Piper or obey her, or even give her a moment alone. Piper starts to wonder if she and Leo can handle starting a family.
While Piper's contemplating diaper rash, Phoebe finds out about a rash of disappearances in San Francisco. Musicians have vanished all over the city, and they were all candidates to conduct a youth symphony. So how has Paige's new love managed to stick around long enough to be the symphony leader? And how does band practice at the Manor fit in with all of this? The Charmed Ones smell a rat, but can they lead all of the Innocents out of danger before the final not is played?