Book Review of The Happiest Baby on the Block : The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Newborn Baby Sleep Longer

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I have to say that in the beginning this book was a life saver. But once my body stopped producing milk for some unknown reason and we went on to formula she developed severe colic. The techniques did work to an extent and made life a little more manageable. However I do not agree with constantly holding a baby, as a result of continually holding a baby our daughter is now use to it and at 8 months of age while awake we can not set her down without her screaming bloody murder unless we are right next to her playing with her. I would recommend to any mother that once the baby has fallen asleep that they place them in their crib or bassinet and allow them to get use to waking up in their own bed. The book says you cannot spoil your baby by always holding them, phooey! While it has been a challenge with our daughter we are now having to pay the price with our hearing and having to break such an ugly habbit, it's very difficult. Should we decide to have another child we will go about the whole approach quite differently when it comes to holding the baby but otherwise still use the other techniques. With the swaddling, shhhsing sounds and etc.