Book Review of Princess Charming

Princess Charming
Princess Charming
Author: Jane Heller
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Hardcover
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Elaine, Pat, and Jackie are best friends who take a vacation with each other every year. They met while each was getting a divorce. This year they decide to go on a cruise on the Princess Charming. Everything seems nice and normal at first, but then mysterious things start to happen.

First Elaine overhears a conversation from the boat trying to convince someone on land to let him not kill the mans ex-wife, then a note appears in Jackies state room saying that one of the three of the women would die. Then Jackie gets sick and Pat gets injured while on the ship. With the help of Elaines new boyfriend that she met on the cruise she investigates these occurences and is able in the nick of time to crack the case before one of the three of them is dead.