Book Review of Room

Author: Emma Donoghue
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Hardcover
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Helpful Score: 26

I was held spellbound from the moment I began reading Room, by Emma Donoghue. No other book has captivated, stunned and engrossed me more than this one. I will never, ever forget Room and its haunting remnants of a mans ability to abuse a woman and a womans haunting perseverance to escape from it. With every passing chapter five-year-old Jacks life in Room uncovered more and more dramatic detail and evidence of how he and his Ma got there. I love how Donoghue mesmerizes me through Jacks words, thoughts, language and his innate ability to sense things without fully understanding them. Without many possessions Jack is still somehow richer than most children. I will always be in awe of how his Ma made unending sacrifices to give her child a sense of normalcy, structure, routine and love under the most abusive circumstances. The normalcy during the abusive captivity unravels when Jack and his Ma must re-learn what normal really is about in the real world and face the fact that it might be more than they bargained for.