Book Review of Pool of tears, Operation apricot & Death in darkness

Pool of tears, Operation apricot & Death in darkness

This book is a Detective murder mystery from 1977 - 1978.
Three different stories in this one book. Pool Of Tears - After his wife died, Nathaniel Emmerson, West indian by birth, moved to England with his small son, Peter, and worked as a waiter in an underworld nightclub. Determined that Peter will never suffer from the prejudice that he has, Nathaniel works out a plan based on a great secret. Death In Darkness - When a man walks into a London police station demanding a million pounds ransom for an important person he is holding, it does not excite too much interest. Even when the person proves to be Prince Charles the man is barely listened to until Inspector Armstrong of Scotland yard hears of it. Never one to do things by the book, he takes on the case with exceedingly lukewarm approval but fascinating results.