Book Review of The Best Mistake Mystery: The Great Mistake Mysteries

The Best Mistake Mystery: The Great Mistake Mysteries
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Stephen Nobel is a pretty anxious 7th grader, everyday he counts all his mistakes. He also counts other people's mistakes also, but not to judge them, just because he is a very observant kid. His best friend has just moved away and to help him fill in some of his spare time his dad, who owns Novle Dog Walking, assigns two new dogs for Stephen to walk, Ping, a little Jack Russel Terrier, and Pong, a great big greyhound.

Suddenly though weird things start to happen. First their is a bomb threat at his school and then someone crashes a car into the school. The culprit believes Stephen knows more than he does and threatens to hurt the dogs if he tells anyone. Not knowing what to do, Stephen is befriended but a super-smart a sassy girl in his class, Renee. She wants to help him solve the crime because her older brother is being charged with it and she knows he is innocent. Stephen and Renee are an unlikely pair, but just like Ping and Pong, maybe they can learn to be friends and solve the crime!

This book was fantastic! I liked how they made Stephen have an anxiety complex, but then showed how it wasn't always a negative. Renee was such a great character, showing Stephen that his observations weren't necessarily a bad thing. I also liked the juxtaposition of tall, lanky Stephen and short, petite Renee, to giant greyhound Pong and little terrier Ping. It added another layer to to the theme of the story.

The mystery was very age appropriate, and although I had half of it figured out, I did not see the other half coming. That surprised and delighted me. Middle grade kids are going to love this book. Heck, I loved this book. I sure hope it is a series!!!