Book Review of Diamond Dreams (Signet Regency Romance)

Diamond Dreams (Signet Regency Romance)
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Athan, Lord Griffin is a wealthy landowner. In the Welsh county of Glamorgan, Castle Griffin rises above rich Celtic land. Ancient land charged with legends, myths, and magic. London, England and Lord Griffin is a tender morsel in the Marriage Stakes. So sought after is Lord Griffin, he decides to invent a wife - a fictitious bride to ward off pursuing females. His fake bride takes on a presence when Griffin purchases a portrait from a London gallery. Soon the portrait's essence captivates Griffin and in time he realizes the painting's mysterious charmer holds his soul - his bridal fantasy is now firmly rooted deep within his heart - his fictional 'Caroline'.

So who is Ellie Rutherford? Is she Griffin's 'Caroline' come to life?

In the Welsh mountains, on the estate of Castle Griffin, lives the potter, John Bailey. A gentle man who takes in his penniless niece, Ellie Rutherford. However, Ellie's Uncle John has a troubled history and one man's evil calls. John Bailey is forced to surrender. Heath now opens her story and allows blackmail, treason, and smuggling to proceed. Remarkably, through the magic of this author's pen, the sightseeing reader journeys through the Welsh countryside, into the Tower of London, and over the wintry seas to beautiful St. Petersburg. DIAMOND DREAMS is a gentle adventure filled with corruption.