Book Review of Tempest

Author: Laura Parker
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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It began on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo. Three British officers asked Quinlan DeLacy, London's most celebrated poet and playwright, to use his skills to perform a special favor that would transform three women's lives forever...

Three letters: Clarette Rollerson always secretly loved Jamie Hockaday, younger son of the distinguised Lord Grafton. Then she received a letter from him, with the address partly smudged, and suspected the missive and marriage proposal inside belonged to her beautiful sister. Now, risking scandal and her own heart, she engaged in a bold deception to make him her own.

Three Women: When Cordelia Heallford learned that her husband had been killed at Waterloo, she refused to believe it. Some said Rafe married her for her fortune, but she'd just received his last letter, proclaiming his love yet entreating her to forget him should he fall in battle. Now her heart told her to search for him, and to keep believing in their future.

Three Chances to Love: Irishwoman Kathleen Geraldine believed that the English rake who'd seduced her would marry her, not die in France. She mourned him as a romantic gallant-until she received his final letter, in which he refused to wed her. Now, through a twist of fate, her future-and that of her unborn babe-rested on her courage, a dashing playwright...and an audacious plan.