Book Review of Long Way Home

Long Way Home
Long Way Home
Author: Janis Reams Hudson
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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After seven years on prison, Duncan Malone returns to Washita, Texas determined to reclaim the land and the life he'd lost. No one will give him a job, except one woman desperate enought to hire him, Even in the only place where she's found acceptance, Frankie Taylor is willing to risk loneliness and the community's resentment to save the home she's always wanted. Yet that home is the farm where Duncan grew up the place he'd counted on as sanctuary when everything else was gone. Convincing Frankie to give it up is a lost cause-and convincing himself that stubborn, sexy, Franki might see the man he wants to be is impossible. But independent Franki is learning that the gentle, soft-spoken man working her farm doesn't deserve Washita's suspicion and dislike. And suddenly, she's hoping for what she thought she'd never have. Together Franki and DUncan are beginning to understand the only home worth keeping demads that they open their hearts to love............