Book Review of My Story

My Story
My Story
Author: Sarah Ferguson, Jeff Coplon
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Book Type: Hardcover
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"My Story is an insider's tale written with remarkable frankness. As she looks back on those gilt-edged years, however, Sarah takes responsibility for 'the trail of destruction' that she left in her wake. Yes, there were external elements that brought her great hurt, but her greatest enemy was herself. Her own insecurities would propel her out of public favor and into shame and disfavor.
Ultimately, My Story, is a celebration. Sarah was a girl raised to seek approval, first and last. When thrust into the life of a public figure, she was twenty-six years old, unaware and unshaped, waiting to be molded. Only now has she finally emerged as a woman finally coming in consciousness. After teetering on the brink of self-destruction, she has found the inner power to pull herself back, then move ahead. In the end, her story is one of recovery; it is affirmative and inspirational."