Book Review of Little Children

Little Children
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In a novel that is definitely not for or about children, Perrotta reveals the dark and private sides of suburban yuppie parents raising small children. This novel is addictive and easy to devour. Everyone in here is tied together by the little children--we have a stay-at-home-dad, a power woman who wishes she could stay home with her children, a stay-at-home-mom, and a child molester who is being hunted down by a local vigilante dad. Recounting the plot isn't necessary (you'll get some extramarital affairs, online porn addictions, frustrations with careers, vigilante justice, male bonding, female gossip circles, and more), but suffice it to say that once you get involved with these characters, you'll want to see more. Perrotta does an excellent job with the resolution of the novel, too, in one final scene that brings everything to a head and sets the characters on their new, changed courses.