Book Review of The Rana Look

The Rana Look
The Rana Look
Author: Sandra Brown
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Hardcover
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Wow! This book is AMAZING!

This one has got it all, and Sandra did an awesome job of interweaving it all in this enchanting tale about a woman, Rana, that has lost interest in her life as a model and being told what to do from her pushy nag of a mother. She walks away from it all, and starts a new life across country in Galveston, TX. Six months later is where the book actually starts, and she's made pals with the landlady, Ruby, from where she's renting.

Ruby's nephew, Trent, comes to the boardinghouse in need of rejuvination. His arm has been bothering him and it needs to heal in time for the new football season. So to pass time, he is fascinated by this woman that garbs herself in unflattering drab rags/clothes. Being irritating becomes his sort of enjoyment. Well, a rather awkward friendship starts between Rana and Trent... which develops into an attraction and *sparks* fly off the page.

It is amazing what Ms. Brown accomplishes in this intriguing piece of work. Sometimes it seems almost childish the way Rana and Trent pick at each other, or argue. But the love that develops between them is one of a kind. And Rana knows it is true because of the way she has disguised herself the past couple of months. And with mixed feelings from the other characters, Trent doesn't care what comes in the way of their happiness. He is determined... as is Rana.

There is still one mystery left. Trent doesn't really KNOW Rana is Rana. So, she has to doll herself up one more time for the ultimate test. Can he handle the real her?!

I was holding my breath and sitting at the edge of my seat to find out what came at the end.