Book Review of Rainbow Six (Large Print)

Rainbow Six (Large Print)
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My grown son has been a Tom Clancy fan for many years. However, I never read one of his books before as I don't like books about the military and special ops. But I loved this book and had trouble putting it down until I finished--and I'm 61 year old woman. Although it centered around a special international group formed to combat terrorism around the world, there were several subplots that created suspense and kept me guessing.

The sub plots were skillfully weaved together and made total sense by the end of the book. One subplot concerned a former KGB spook who paid terrorist groups to plan and launch several attacks in Europe. The spook received his orders and funding from a wealthy American businessman. There were also the women who were kidnapped off the streets of New York City.

The ending was ingenious. The group of fanatic nature lovers finally got to commune with more of Mother Nature than they could handle. Poetic justice.