Book Review of Dear Zoe,

Dear Zoe,
Dear Zoe,
Author: Philip Beard
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Hardcover
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Rating: 8
Dear Zoe by: Philip Beard

Dear Zoe is a book about losing someone you love. In the book Tess DeNuzio is writing to her dead sister telling her about her life and how it was effected. Zoe is a sweet little girl that had everything she ever wanted but it all ruined on that one summer day. As Tess was watching her little sister the phone rang and as she went to get it she had no clue what was going to happen. Zoe raced into the street just as a car came flying down the street. The driver did not see Zoe and she got ran over. That day Tess's life changed forever. After Zoe's death the family starts to fall apart. This book is Tess telling Zoe what she is missing. Tess learns more about herself by writing to Zoe and she learns a lot of life lessons.

I loved this book. It makes you empathize for the main character Tess. This book opens your eyes to things that are really important. Anyone can relate to the main character Tess because she lost the one person she loved most. I love Philips way of writing. The way he puts the book in a dairy form is brilliant. I would recommend this book to anyone.