Book Review of The Bridal Veil

The Bridal Veil
The Bridal Veil
Author: Alexis Harrington
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Plain and tall, Emily Cannon is not the mail-order bride Luke Becker is awaiting. But when his intended, her sister, was killed, Emily decides to leave Chicago and head for Oregon as Lukes bride.

Emily comes to Luke seeking a home. Though shes far from whom he expects, he has no choice but to accept Emily because his unruly daughter, Rose, needs a mother.

Emily and Luke agree to a marriage of convenience and with his mean-spirited mother-in-law, hostile and angry daughter, and her deception between them, it would seem that a loveless marriage is all Emily will ever know.

Yet, Emily and Rose slowly begin to bond over Roses artistic talent and forge a respectful relationship, while Lukes blossoming admiration for Emily begins to change the rules of their marriage.

Luke begins to learn to trust once more and Rose flourishes like a lovely flower, but with Lukes mother-in law sniping at them, it takes courage to fight for the family she has come to love.