Book Review of Christmas Knight (Draycott Abbey, Bk 8)

Christmas Knight (Draycott Abbey, Bk 8)
Christmas Knight (Draycott Abbey, Bk 8)
Author: Christina Skye
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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I enjoyed this time travel book(hero travels from 1298 to 1998)The woman has problems with the house which belonged to the hero. He helps her around the place with repairs but he was sent to the future to protect her and the story sorta drags in places and you kinda lose sight of 'what danger'?! then something will indicate danger, a talking bird keeps quoting lines from Macbeth, the last 100 or so pages a lot of other characters are introduced including a ghost..but I wasn't looking for a concise fast-paced book - I was reading this over the holiday and wanted something easy-going I could pick up and put down between doing other things. Some of the lines were heartbreaking if you think about them - the knight(hero) grew up with no love in his life, made to do cruel things for an evil king and the woman is alone in the world. He shows gentleness with motherless kittens and tries to make Christmas good for her when he's never celebrated a Christmas..such a 'sweet' knight to be so dark and evil. Anyways, overall I enjoyed it. Probably not a superduper great read but it was good for me and I'm glad I read it.