Book Review of A Private Hotel for Gentle Ladies

A Private Hotel for Gentle Ladies
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A deliciously sexy, yet sweetly gentile book written in an almost "stream of consciousness" style. Charlotte has been very ill due to a bout with polio, and at the beginning of the story is coming out of it with her leg muscles weak but almost intact. She is a country girl fortunate to be married to a man of great wealth and standing in the Boston area. When she happens to find him in a compromising situation with a comely woman she has never met, she runs away on impulse, to a hotel for ladies, but what a hotel it is! For the first time in her life she experiences real passion and sexual satisfaction with a young gigolo who, along with several other gentlemen are employed by the hotel to service the "gentle ladies" who come there for a break from the reality of their upper class lives. Everything at the hotel is strictly hush-hush of course. Charlotte is agog with it all and has to make a decision as to whether or not she will return to her husband and the oppressed, stuffy, life she has led up to now. I found this novel to be a delight and a wonderful break from the serious stuff I've been reading recently. Just what I needed, not unlike Charlotte herself!