Book Review of The Storm King: A Novel

The Storm King: A Novel
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Okay, so right now only 1 5* rating without a review, so here is my 2* review

This is what I call 'description writing', everything is written in description form and I hate that, it's also written with the past and present format which again I hate that, then you have the 'journals' of the dead girl, what? another one of those?

This story is very very slow to unfold, you have to go through the childhoods then the high school, the bullying, the meanness of these kids, but I mainly couldn't handle the description writing and the slow slow plot to unfold, so I did what I normally wouldn't do---go to the last 2 or 3 chapters and get the entire story there, once you have the characters in place and you want to skip the description writing then go to the end

I can understand others liking this book but being the picky reader I am I want a better written story and maybe one that hasn't been done many times