Book Review of See Jane Die (Stacy Killian, Bk 1)

See Jane Die (Stacy Killian, Bk 1)
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When fifteen-year-old Jane Killian accepts her older sister Stacy's dare to swim across the freezing lake, she has absolutely no idea just how much her life will change by the end of that March afternoon. Within the short period of time that it takes her to complete her swim and turn back towards the lakeshore, Jane is threatened by a boat speeding across the lake. She narrowly escapes being killed that day, but the shock and fear the encounter sparks in her soul will remain with Jane forever.

Now, seventeen years after the horrifying afternoon that changed her life so drastically, Jane Killian has so much to live for. A series of reconstructive surgeries has successfully restored her lovely face. As a sculptress, Jane has become the toast of the Dallas art community; her edgy sculptures are lauded by a variety of audiences for being both disturbing and beautiful. She and her husband, the renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Ian Westbrook, are completely in love - and overjoyed when Jane becomes pregnant.

Suddenly, Jane's blissful happiness is shattered. A woman with ties to Ian is found brutally murdered. Unbelievably, the police begin to focus their investigation on him, even going so far as to make Ian their prime suspect. Still reeling from this shock, Jane receives an anonymous note that reads simply: "I did it on purpose. To hear your screams."

The police, including Jane's estranged sister, Detective Stacy Killian - are all convinced the frightening message is probably from some crackpot, someone who has become aware of Jane's past through the media attention surrounding her controversial artwork. Yet, Jane knows better. The note has to have come from only one person...HIM! Somehow Jane is certain that the man who stole not only her face, but also her sense of security so long ago, has returned. He was the man who Jane has always believed deliberately hit her - and got away with it. And now, he has found her again.

Living with this terror, Jane digs into Ian's past in an effort to prove his innocence. Yet each new clue that she uncovers points not to her husband's innocence - but to his guilt. And as she struggles against doubt and suspicion, her mysterious stalker moves ever closer. His anonymous messages take a terrifyingly intimate turn, and no one close to Jane, it seems, is safe.

Fighting to save both her husband and the innocent life growing inside of her, Jane must face the devastating truth: Her tormentor apparently knows everything about her. Her likes; her dislikes; her daily routine. Most terrifying of all, he knows Jane's deepest fears...because he feeds on them. And he has no qualms - he will use them - until he can finally...See Jane Die.

I absolutely loved reading this book. I found myself getting really engrossed in the storyline, and avidly wanted to discover the culprit who had done it. I will say that to me, the mystery seemed just the slightest bit more complicated than I was expecting. I was still thoroughly intrigued by the book though, and I give it a very definite A!