Book Review of Before Evil

Before Evil
Before Evil
Author: Alex Kava
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Book Type: Hardcover
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If you have read all of this series then this book might be tad disappointing, all the previous books have always referred to her time with Albert Stucky but this one is the beginning

I was hoping for something new and refreshing with this book and didn't realize it is just the beginning of her career, I didn't find anything surprising in this book and it has pages and pages of repeat repeat repeat over and over, how many times do you need to describe something?

It isn't a very long book, which was a good thing, and you can probably read it in a day (I did, but had to skip and skim a lot of the repeat pages)

Makes me wonder if she just needed to get a book published and came up with this lame idea of the Albert Stucky story which we pretty much already know from all the previous books.