Book Review of Small Town Girl

Small Town Girl
Small Town Girl
Author: LaVyrle Spencer
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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When small-town girl Tess McPhail followed the pull of Nashville's glittering lights, she placed her dreams on becoming a country singer. Eighteen years later, she is a megastar and is caught in a whirlwind of tours, recording sessions, and financial meetings--a whirlwind that crashes to a stop when her sister demands her help in caring for their mother. Angered at her sister's orders, Tess breezes in to town for a month and crashes straight into the past in the form of Kenny Kronek, the boy-next-door `dork' from high school who has been helping her mother. Sparks and tempers fly whenever the two meet, and Tess' professional interest in Kenny's daughter Casey's singing career causes further problems. As Tess relearns how to relate to her family without hiding behind her celebrity, she begins to appreciate the life she left behind and realizes there is a gaping hole in her current lifestyle--a hole that Kenny may be able to fill.