Book Review of Mommywood

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Mommywood is Tori Spelling's newest memoir, it picks up where sTORI Telling left off. Mostly she writes about what it is like being a mother in Hollywood. She has a lot of insecurities resulting from her childhood and she is honest about trying to work through them while focusing on her children. There were some humorous stories in the book, such as the first time she tried to change her son's dirty swim diaper by herself (for the non-mommies out there, soiled swim diapers are a little harder to handle then regular diapers). As a mom with small children, I could relate to a lot of the parenting situations she wrote about (although not all of them, such as handling a tantrum in front of paparazzi). She seemed to be a genuine nice person that really loves her family and I had a enjoyable afternoon eavesdropping on her life.