Book Review of Wicked Angel

Wicked Angel
Wicked Angel
Author: Shirl Henke
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Part-Native American, part-Englishman Alex Blackthorne is caught off guard by Jocelyn Woodbridge. She is nothing like the proper, quiet English misses he has met since arriving in London.

Daughter of a preacher, Jocelyn is far too intelligent to capture the tons eligible bachelors. Older, smarter and wilder than many, she never allows her heart to rule her head; until she meets Alex.

As these misfits in the stiff upper crust world of the ton get together, they cut a swath through Regency England, experiencing all the city has to offer. But as the winds of war blow harder, Jocelyn and Alex must also find where their loyalties lie.

As always Ms. Henkes meticulous research is evident. There is no minor detail nor real historical personage left out of this light and amusing tale. Readers of Regency romances will no doubt savor the rich descriptions and enjoy Alex and Jocelyns escapades, as well as all the action and events that become an intricate part of the romance. SENSUAL