Book Review of Louisiana Fever (Andy Broussard/Kit Franklin)

Louisiana Fever (Andy Broussard/Kit Franklin)

Kit Franklyn gets mysterious phone call to meet someone who dies at the beginning of their meeting. Finding out who he was eventually leads to her kidnapping and the spread of a nasty killer virus. As her friends fight to find her, others have to fight for their own lives as well.

I have not read any books from this series before and did not feel that they have to be read in order. From the first moment the book grabs you as the deadly virus spreads through town. You biting your nails waiting as they try to determine how the virus spreads and then adding on to the tension there are kidnappings.

I give this three stars even though the story grabs you there is a big no no for me. As the kidnapped escapes it is glazed over by saying it would take to long to explain how one of the characters got free. It is literally describes âIt would take to long to explainâ. I understand it may be hard to get the story where you want to but that just seems lazy.

Even though I have that one beef with the story I still enjoyed most of it and I would consider reading another from the series.