Book Review of Three Sisters (Blackberry Island, Bk 2)

Three Sisters (Blackberry Island, Bk 2)
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This book is about three neighbors. Two who have never bothered to get to know each other and really dont like each other and the one new neighbor who moves in between them and brings them all together. Its about three women all who have been touched by some huge life changing event and are coping with moving on and healing. Its about three women who on the surface dont really have anything in common, but once the layers are explored seem to have more in common than they thought but most importantly they understand each other.

I admit that while I love Susan Mallery I put off reading this book due to the subject matter. It just sounded depressing to me. About 20 pages in, I knew the lives of the three women were indeed in turmoil but it wasnt written in a make you cry, doom and gloom kind of way. Dont get me wrong, I shed a few tears, but I wasnt left feeling depressed or needing a drink afterword.

Some of the content is really emotional and a lot of made me think about my own life and relationships and how we treat those in our lives. It was really rather eye opening in a couple of areas. I really enjoyed this book and how it was written. I am glad I finally opened the pages and sorry that it took me so long. It was well worth the read and wonderfully written. Once I opened it, I couldnt put it down.

This book is the second in a series, but can really be read as a stand alone.

Cherise Everhard, June 2013
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