Book Review of Betrayal

Author: Fern Michaels
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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At 374 pages this book was a very quick read. If I didn't have so many distractions it could have been read in one day rather than two. I came across this book when looking at the newest reviews. It sounded like something I would read so I requested the book and I'm glad I did.

The beginning is a little slow at first but quickly picks up the paces and has you at the edge of your seat for the rest of your read. You really feel for Kate as she is going through what must be hell for someone in their position.

Kate and her husband Alex have a kennel for breeding dogs which used to belong to Kate's parents before Alex purchased it from them. Her parents pass from a terrible car crash before they have the chance to see their daughter and Alex become a couple and get married. Alex's best friend from grade school visits him and his wife often with their two daughters Emily and Sara. Sara is totally spoiled beyond belief and it's no wonder how she turned out the way she does. Emily is the oldest and is nothing like her parents where as Sara is the spitting image of her mother.

Sara accuses Alex of molesting her and that's when Kate and Alex's hell begin. Sadly Alex's best friend Don doesn't believe him despite the fact that he knows his daughter is a lying little brat. I don't want to go into more detail as that would give away to the book but it really does get good from the time the trials begin till the ending of the book that have surprises in between.