Book Review of Storm Front (Dresden Files, Bk 1)

Storm Front  (Dresden Files, Bk 1)
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Harry Dresden is a wizard who works as a sort of paranormal P.I. Although a little geeky, Harry has a strong sense of justice and an enjoyable tongue in cheek sense of humor. When a nervous wife hires Harry to find out what her frequently disappearing husband is up to, Harry happily takes the case because it means that he can pay his already late rent for the month. Little does he know that his investigation will open up not a can of worms but a can of scorpions along with conjuring a toad-like demon, commanded by an evil magic-wielding bad guy who wants to kill Harry.

This series has been around for a while and has been adapted for a television series. I regret not reading it sooner. Harry is a likable character, and his sidekicks (such as Bob the talking skull and Mister the giant cat) inject a healthy dose of humor into the book. This book has it all - a mystery to solve, LOL comedy, hints of romance, and lots of "spell"-binding (ha ha) action. Highly recommended!