Book Review of The Lieutenant's Woman (Men of Annapolis, Bk 2)

The Lieutenant's Woman (Men of Annapolis, Bk 2)
The Lieutenant's Woman (Men of Annapolis, Bk 2)
Author: Sandra Madden
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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In the aftermath of the Civil War, the men of the United States Navy must put aside divided loyalties as the Naval Academy returns to Annapolisand one
officer must lay to rest the ghosts of his past before he can embrace the passion the future holds

Stormy Weather
Lieutenant Trace Reardon is a man torn. Determined to prove his worth at the academy, he is thwarted at every turn by a rival instructor. And life at home
is little better; with the faithless mother of his four rambunctious children gone, Trace needs a wife. But before he can even think of courting, he must
hire a governessa task that should be easy. But pretty, spirited Susannah Partridge will prove him wrong.

Safe Harbor

Susannah has no way of knowing that her fresh charm is a balm to the spirit of this war-hardened officer, and that her sunny nature has tempted Trace to
open his wary heart once more. Yet Susannah has secrets of her ownsecrets that might make her handsome employer wonder whether he can trust her. Then,
when Susannahs life is threatened, she realizes that Trace will stop at nothing to protect herand to make her his own