Book Review of Marla's Toyshop Adventure

Marla's Toyshop Adventure
Marla's Toyshop Adventure
Author: Andy Rector
Genre: Children's Books
Book Type: Hardcover
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ISBN 156987039X - Marla Mouse lives in a mousehole inside the elves' workshop. One day, while trying to sleep, Marla peeks out of her hole to see the elves making all sorts of toys. When they finish for the night, she creeps out to play with the toys until she is frightened away by a cat. She spends the night inside a doll house and is woken up by Santa, who has discovered that someone has been playing with the toys!

Every other page is taken up by a full-page drawing; the illustrations by Bowers are wonderfully detailed and colorful and compliment the text perfectly. It's a nice, quick read for any time, and especially for Christmas Eve bedtime. The happy ending required by all children's books - and even moreso by children's Christmas books - is cute and kids will appreciate it.

- AnnaLovesBooks