Book Review of The Prince and the Pauper (Great Illustrated Classics)

The Prince and the Pauper (Great Illustrated Classics)
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Great early chapter books for independant readers. Recommended for age 12 and up, but my kids read these more like 4-5th grade.

When young Edward VI of England and a poor boy who resembles him exchange places, each learns something about the other's very different station in life.
Set in sixteenth-century England, Mark Twain's classic "tale for young people of all ages" features two identical-looking boys - a prince and a pauper - who trade clothes and step into each other's lives. While the urchin, Tom Canty, discovers luxury and power, Prince Edward, dressed in rags, roams his kingdom and experiences the cruelties inflicted on the poor by the Tudor monarchy.
Two young look-alikes in 16th-century England decide to trade clothes and roles, a situation that drastically alters the lives of both. This timeless tale of transposed identities remains one of Twains best-loved novels.