Book Review of Dry : A Memoir

Dry : A Memoir
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I really enjoyed this book, I don't think you have to read "Running with Scissors" first, but if you do, You really need to read this book next! they are totally different but with the same great humor.

I thought in the first book he writing his experiences as he remembered them as a child and that is really different than how we would see those experiences as an adult, which is what makes it so hard for people to believe. In this book he is writing his experiences as an adult.

I find it refreshing that throughout his life and books he focuses on the positive and not the negative like so many other memoirs. He was luckily blessed with an incredible sense of humor that allows him to remain afloat in a world of crap.

I don't think he at says "look at me I have a messed up life aren't I so funny and fabulous" to me he's funny and fabulous IN SPITE of his messed up life... and I've only read two of books but I don't recall his ever thinking he was fabulous. I suppose people think that if he was beaten down his whole life he should act more like it - I'm glad he doesn't!

For people who have not had such a "perfectly normal" life his books are better than therapy! and in his books you can find "hope"

....of having a smile at the end of your worst day ever.