Book Review of 72 Hours

72 Hours
72 Hours
Author: Bella Jewel
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Lara is not the same person she was a few months ago. The bright self-assured, confident, take no prisoners Lara has been reduced to a quiet mouse following the death of her Nana, for which Lara blames herself. On top of that, she walks in on the man she loves and has lived with for 2 years, and sees a beautiful woman sitting on Noah's lap kissing him. Feeling that she wasn't good enough for him, she runs....

Months later she bumps into him but she's still refusing to take his calls, declining to walk to him at all. Noah is feeling pretty frustrated and angry that she won't let him explain.

Meanwhile, they don't know they are being stalked by a vicious serial killer... and he decides that Lara and Noah are the perfect victims for him. He wants them to play a game with him.

Noah and Lara find themselves drugged, captured, and left in a huge wooded area. The killer tells them there is only one rule ..... they have 72 hours to run, hide, find a way out before he starts hunting them.

What follows is a harrowing, terrorizing cat and mouse game. Lara is going to have to find the 'old' Lara to survive. And she and Noah are going to have to bury their old feelings and work together if they want to survive.


I have found that Romantic Suspense is sometimes a hit/miss endeavor. The author balanced the two sides of the coin very well. Both characters have issues and have been damaged in one way or another. Noah is not a super hero by any means, but he is caring and extremely protective of Lara. Suffering from PSTD, he has to learn to lean on her. And Lara has to step up to the plate in order to help Noah.

The human hunting kept me on edge and rapidly turning pages to see what would happen next. I look forward to the next stand-alone book in this series ... THE WATCHER.

Many thanks to the author / St. Martin's Press / Netgalley for the digital copy. Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.