Book Review of Women, Food, and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything

Women, Food, and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything
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This book could basically be summarized into very few words: figure out what your food triggers are emotionally and spiritually, then eat when you are hungry. Her basic assumption is, this is how she figured out how to lose weight for her and it will work for you once you figure it out. Never found anything to help the reader figure this out for themselves that was helpful.

Ms. Roth does not seem to grasp a difference between "dieting" and "diet," the latter meaning "how and what we eat" as opposed to the "dieting" meaning "restricting food intake." Unfortunately, in not addressing this, she doesn't address the poor nutritional habits of many in the US population.

Her "eating guidelines" are what anyone in a Weight Watcher meeting would learn (if listening and attending meetings because it really is about more than just "points").

This book was really a disappointment. Additionally, I should have found out what Ms. Roth's educational background is, and after trying to, I'm still looking. There is nothing on her website giving credence to her as an "expert" other than the multiple books and seminars she has done. Her "experience" is basically "here's how I did it and you can too." Perhaps, this is to sell more spots in her seminars?

This book alone may work for some to figure out why they live to eat rather than eat to live, but it's missing the boat on a lot of other issues surrounding diet (yes, the "what we eat" kind), nutrition and exercise that is the full complement of good health basics.

As far as how God fits into the picture? Not at all, just that eating is "spiritual." God may have been added to the title to pique interest and sell books.