Book Review of Nightscape

Author: Stephen R. George
Genre: Horror
Book Type: Paperback
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Outstanding., March 2, 2001
By Jim Lay (Knoxville, TN USA)
I'm always singing the praises of Stephen George to anybody who will listen and NIGHTSCAPE is one of my favorite books from this hugely under-appreciated author. A young boy, reunited with his mother after many years, is pursued by a bizarre cult. The boy and his mother, along with a tortured man who is out for revenge for the cult's murder of his brother, find themselves at odds with the mysterious group that seem to be everywhere. The closer they get, the less human the cult appears to be, and the young boy starts to go through a bizarre transformation as he is seduced by it's members. This is a startlingly original, wildly suspenseful book, and a great introduction to Mr. George's work. If you appreciate horror with a fantastic edge, do yourself a favor and seek this book out. You'll be glad you did. And just like me, you'll find yourself hunting down the rest of his work after you do.