Book Review of Honeymoon (Honeymoon, Bk 1)

Honeymoon (Honeymoon, Bk 1)
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Nora Sinclair is not just a successful interior designer, attractive, enthralling, desired by men and envied by women, she is also a cold, dangerous serial killer, a black widow of sorts, luring men into her life for their money and then committing the perfect murder until her latest victim, her fiancé Connor Brown, under suspicion for tax evasion, gets the attention of FBI agent John O'Hara. Connor's sister, Elizabeth, is skeptical of Nora's motives and starts an investigation of her own. This was another, fast-paced, unputdownable thriller by James Patterson. My only squabble - I felt I was left hangin' with regard to the letter that Olivia Sinclair wrote to her daughter, Nora, which Nora never got a chance to read thanks to Olivia's nurse, Emily, who took the letter. What did Olivia reveal in that letter? Did it have to do with their past or was Olivia simply warning her daughter to watch what she said at the Pine Wood Psychiatric Facility because everything was recorded? I hate to assume!