Book Review of How I Stole Her Husband

How I Stole Her Husband
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I am soooooo glad that I found this book. I had been getting bored by a lot of books I'd been trying to read and I was browsing the site and found this book. I had never heard of this author or heard of the book, but I said what the heck and ordered it. It was a great read! I hate books that are sooo slow, I have ADD so if it takes me forever to get into a book I give up. This book captured my attention from the beginning. It isn't a pulitzer prize winning book, but it is fantastic chic lit! You will really feel for the heroine of this book and you will won't to throw Pepper off a cliff. If you like chic lit without all the heavy petting and sex, you'll love this book. Personally, I always skip over sex scenes anyway, I mean really there should be a genre called soft porn in the women's section!